Jun 3, 2013

Lazy Car 3.4

The new version is now on the Android market.
Speaker issues should be fixed - for incoming calls.
As for outgoing calls, I'm still working on it - so far it sometimes works, but sometimes it doesn't, so it's a known issue I'm currently dealing with.

Drive safely!

May 14, 2013

Looking for Help

I just don't have the time to deal with issues in Lazy Car at the moment.

I'm trying to fix things, but there will be large gaps between fixes that I release.
Therefore, instead of releasing very few updates - instead I'd like to find someone to help me code Lazy Car.
This is, of course, not for pay, but I'll make sure to credit anyone who helps.

This doesn't mean I'm "throwing" the responsibility or work at someone - I'll be there, helping however I can, extending the code myself whenever I have time. This offer is only for people who'd like to improve Lazy Car farther than my spare time allows me, and nothing further.

So - if you're willing to help, please contact me by email.
I've got a small list of fixes and new features for Lazy Car, and you can come up with anything of your own - I'll send you the relevant piece of code (or the entire source code), and will greatly appreciate your help.

Feb 13, 2013

Please Donate!

Lazy Car will always be free, but you can make sure it's always the best.

With the development of Lazy Car charging onwards, and a few other "Lazy" apps on the way - developing, supporting, and extending these takes quite a hefty bit of my time.
I will never charge for the app - not for removing ads, premium app, extra features, 'advanced' mode or anything, it will always be completely free. However, any support will be greatly appreciated, and will definitely make me able to speed up my response times and release of fixes and new features.

Any donation you make would help me greatly, and go directly towards the improvement of Lazy Car, and further development of other "Lazy" apps.

In any case, donating or not - drive safely, and thanks for using Lazy Car! =)

Dec 14, 2012

Lazy Car 3.0 is here

Not so many changes as in the previous version, but Lazy Car 3.0 is here nontheless.

The main feature that was added (and requested a long time ago) was making TTS heard through the BT headset. This is now possible, if enabling the "Through BT Headset" option under "Incoming Messages".
Other than that, there were various other changes & fixes, such as the Notifications getting an update (and it's now much more customizable), and rearrangement of the settings screen.

Have fun using Lazy Car, and look out for a few more updates already on the way =)

Nov 28, 2012

A Bumpy Ride

It took a little work, but it's out - and it's stable.
The current version of Lazy Car (2.9.2) seems to work and fix most of the issues from previous versions, and I'm already looking ahead at the big 3.0.

I'm currently doing a little bit of redesign for the app and how it's organized, mostly affecting the settings screen, but there are also some new features.
There's a known bug in Lazy Car right now - with Android 2.3, the "Wired Headset" option under "Auto-Enablers" seems to turn Lazy Car on regardless of a connected headset. I'm working on that, too.

...also, a new app is about to join the "Lazy" line soon, so stay tuned.

I'm still listening for any suggestions you might have for Lazy Car 3.
Send me anything you can think of - whether bugs or new features.