Feb 13, 2013

Please Donate!

Lazy Car will always be free, but you can make sure it's always the best.

With the development of Lazy Car charging onwards, and a few other "Lazy" apps on the way - developing, supporting, and extending these takes quite a hefty bit of my time.
I will never charge for the app - not for removing ads, premium app, extra features, 'advanced' mode or anything, it will always be completely free. However, any support will be greatly appreciated, and will definitely make me able to speed up my response times and release of fixes and new features.

Any donation you make would help me greatly, and go directly towards the improvement of Lazy Car, and further development of other "Lazy" apps.

In any case, donating or not - drive safely, and thanks for using Lazy Car! =)


  1. hola lazy ninja! i'm a big fan of ur lazy car...been using it on my froyo and it works flawlessly then

    now i'm on ics 4.0.4 but d auto answer feature via bluetooth headset is no longer working. i m using lazy car 3.2. hope u r going to find a solution on this, tq

  2. Sure!
    Send me an email with the details and I'll try to help you out and find the issue.

  3. How to enable the widget, please? It's grey.

    1. The greyed-out item is just a tip in the settings screen to add a widget.
      To add the Lazy Car widget, add it as you would any other widget - by long-pressing an empty section of your home screen and choosing "Widgets", or choosing "Widgets" from the list of apps:

    2. Really appreciate your reply to my dumb question. ^^a
      I moved it from SD to ROM and its widget of 3 icons showed up!

  4. Anonymous7/5/13 01:10

    Great app but have to keep it of when not in use as it stops the screen from locking